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July 13, 2020

Sex is an interesting subject. Some people feel comfortable talking about it and some people avoid the topic at all cost. Yet, it’s a natural function of our body and an important component of our overall emotional well-being.

Both men and women feel pressure and anxiety around sexual performance, it is so sad how many people suffer silently. Movies, magazines, and social media add further pressure to how a person should perform. Add to that the fear and judgment to talk about sexual performance with your partner, it can be the beginning of the end of a once close and loving relationship.

Many people are even too embarrassed to talk with a health professional and if they do, sometimes the issues are downplayed as a normal part of aging or stress, so they accept the answer.

Last year I was approached by one of my male clients to find a natural solution to help him with his sexual performance issues. I started to do some research on various solutions from a supplementation standpoint and also researching herbal medicine options.

Based on my research, I created a formula for him to try and after a few weeks he shared that things were changing for the positive. I wanted to make sure this was not a short-term reaction and asked him to continue to use the formula, he is still experiencing very positive results.

My client called the other day to tell me that he stopped taking the tincture for a week, this was the first time he had not taken the formula since starting it. During that week, he noticed a decline in his sexual performance and for him it impacted his interest in intimacy. He decided to start taking the formula again and was amazed how quickly his body responded and the change in his desire to be intimate.

Recently I decided to learn more about sexual performance in men. My thinking was that men over a certain age are affected more than younger men. I was surprised to read, men of any age can experience sexual performance issues. The other aspect is the level of shame men can feel and it is what holds them back from talking about it.

Why did I create a product for men when my focus is women? Because my passion is to help people live their best life. There will be no judgment, all of your information is completely private and will be handled with compassion. I want to help.

If you are interested in learning more about the herbal product I have created, please email directly me at

You don’t have to suffer in silence, there are options beyond the typical medical solutions.

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