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July 13, 2020

It feels like every day I read about a new superfood or food source we should include in our eating habits or lifestyle. If we do we can live a healthy, happy and energetic life hopefully free of major diseases.

Here’s the issue; if we don’t take time to research this new food source or even a common food source and how it should be eaten we could be causing ourselves more harm than good.

How many of us take the time or even have the time to do the research?

We might catch a portion of a conversation on television or the radio. Maybe you have read an article while waiting somewhere but didn’t get to the end of the article where it covers the precautions. Perhaps a friend shared information they heard from another source, they didn’t catch all the details but what they did catch is; it’s the next cure for__________, you fill in the blank.

We’ve all been told kale is very healthy for us to eat. I agree completely, kale is very good for us to eat along with all the other veggies in the cruciferous or brassica family. Kale, broccoli, cabbage, rutabaga, turnips, kohlrabi, cabbage, collard greens,cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are all part of the same family.

Did you know if you have issues with your thyroid you should not eat these veggies raw? They should be lightly steamed or sautéed even if you are including them in a smoothie.

Another superfood which should also be avoided if you have thyroid issues is Maca. It originated in Peru and comes from the same family.

This article is not meant to detail foods that should or should not be consumed if you have a thyroid issue.

My concern is, we are more connected than ever before and are constantly bombarded with information.

If you are thinking of making some food changes in your life I recommend you spend time doing some research.

If you have certain health conditions a simple Google search with your condition and the new food you want to incorporate is a good start. For example, raw kale and thyroid; will return pages of sites to read.

The same goes for medications; research a supplement or herb to see if there is a contraindication or check with your pharmacist.

Before I provide any advice or even something as simple as a recipe I need to make sure it won’t further complicate an existing condition.

As a nutritional consultant my due diligence and obligation is to understand my client’s current state of health through a detailed questionnaire.

Food is to be enjoyed, I recommend everything in moderation. In this age of information make sure you have yours.

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