This Is My Manifesto

Quality time, we all deserve it, for some of us such as me, it is our #1 Love Language.

Why is it, in so many cases when it comes to our wellbeing, we don’t give ourselves quality time? Women are the caregivers, the nurturers, the healers, the creators of life.

By the time a woman reaches her fifties, most have spent their life giving to and caring for others. She has put aside her goals and dreams and in many cases has lost the vitality she once had.

Most women in their lifetime have been on some type of a diet proclaiming to give them the figure of the model shown in the article in mere weeks. For some women, it becomes a rollercoaster of lose and gain. There isn’t one way to eat that is going to make you feel better about your body.

Society has instilled in us, this is the way it is, especially when it comes to navigating menopause, we feel the pressure to maintain our youthful look. We look for the magic formula or elixir and search for the fountain of youth in a bottle not realizing the ingredients are adding to the dysfunction in our body. Unfortunately, women who have chosen to age naturally are ridiculed for their wrinkles, frown lines and sagging skin. I felt the pressure to hide my frown lines and wrinkles, and for a time I received botox injections until I saw them starting to change the muscle structure in my face, I stopped and I’m glad I did!

I can say, I feel better at 61 (turned 61 August 2022) than I did in my 40’s.

Our bodies are amazing and given the right holistic support, they can heal.

Connie Pretula Menopause Nutritionist Vancouver BC

After years of nagging health issues without answers, at age 49 I finally met a natural practitioner who took the time to listen to me, this was the beginning of my healing journey.

Some say we give what we want in return, I want quality time and I decided I will give women 50+ the same. My clients benefit from all the modalities I experienced and practitioners I have worked with over the last 10 years. I incorporate the most beneficial components along with what I learned while earning my certification as a nutritional practitioner.

I believe women 50+ have so much life to live and experience, age is not the limiting factor. Some cultures honour and revere women who are post-menopause, they see them as powerful and holding great wisdom, healers in their own right.

Embrace your glorious beauty, be the author of your own amazing life story. I will guide you to design and create a life that is deeply fulfilling and meaningful.

A flower does not stay closed because it’s afraid of what it will look like to the world. There is an energy inside of it that is so strong and inherent to itself, it knows it must open and reveal itself, it cannot stop the process, it is the power of life force.

I am changing the societal narrative of how women 50+ live their lives. It’s Time To Put Your Self First!

My Promise to You

Each woman feels heard and seen by me

I engage with each woman with uplifting energy and compassion

Share my passion for guiding women to regain their life force

While leading fulfilling lives after 50

Hold space and listen without judgement

No topic is off-limits

Be an inspiration by living my best life

Help heal the planet one woman at a time

Sweet Words

For me the greatest honour is my clients trusting me with their health. I feel so blessed when they take time to express in words how I have helped them. I love what I do and why I do it.


I have been working with Connie over the past year to do battle with my IBD. With patience Connie has helped me understand how different foods affect the body. We started with some small dietary changes, so that I didn’t become overwhelmed with doing a complete food change over; which we all know does not end well for most people. 
I now eat in a way that works better for my system. I am now empowered to keep control over my IBD rather than it being empowered to control me!”


Having just turned 44 I knew that my body was changing. I was having horrible mood swings and always felt tired and lethargic. She helped me realize the importance of attitude, as well as diet makes all the difference.

I had a bit of a crisis last fall and with her advice we quite simply changed the WAY I was eating and how I was eating. Low and behold my tummy trouble reduced AND I started to shed the weight! I’m down 15 pounds in 4 months!

Who knew that actually eating More food would help me lose the weight! Well, Connie did! Thank you so much for helping me feel and look better than I have in years!


I would like to thank you for all of your advice and knowledge that you have given to me over the past few years. Thanks to you I have completely changed the way I eat and use food.

Just by taking baby steps with your guidance along the way, I have made huge changes.

I LOVE how I feel, and I am so excited about food, cooking, and coming up with new recipes.

You are an inspiration to me and I thank you for everything that you have done for me...xoxo!!!


I met Connie at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I was very insecure and nervous about being back in school at the age of 53. I would always introduce myself as a “high school dropout”.

One day, Connie asked me if I would like to join her for dinner after class. I agreed. She asked me, “Why do you always put yourself down”?
I didn’t even realize that I did that!!!! I was just telling my story. Connie brought to light that I need to be gentle with myself, forgive and love myself and do the best I can...

Her words of encouragement are etched in my mind especially when I feel down. It was that simple gesture that makes a HUGE difference in my life."

Petra Niemeyer

Connie and I have been friends for almost 19 years. She’s a very caring person and committed to her work.

Just recently, I asked her for advice for my sleeping problem. She gave me many insights and helpful advice. She shared her knowledge with conviction and empathy. She gives me many inspirational ideas and perspectives that I found refreshing and empowering.

I actually think of her as more than a Nutritional Practitioner, she can also be a life Coach."

Melody Balane

Connie is extremely thorough and diligent. I trust her with my nutritional and holistic needs. She is not afraid to admit if she does not have an answer to something, but is extremely resourceful in finding out the answer.

What can I say? Connie is a Western witch, alchemist, natural beauty consultant, holistic nutritionist all wrapped in a cute package :) Don't let her sweet, and quiet nature fool you, she is a fierce powerhouse! I trust her with my holistic nutrition and skin care needs, and highly recommending you connecting with her if you are curious!"


I have known Connie for a few years now. Connie‘s most noticeable quality as a nutritionist is being non-judgemental. Connie‘s genuine belief in her work translates into a very holistic approach. Not only does she look at the “scientific facts “ of nutrition, she respects the emotional, mental and “spiritual” views of an individual. She can then incorporate her knowledge of nutrition to match her client’s lifestyle. Connie will complete extensive research on various modalities, in order to find the best approach to a client’s journey return to health. I appreciate immensely the fact that she listens to my concerns and doesn’t dismiss my comments. Connie always responds to any inquiries immediately, which depicts her genuine concern and willingness to help. One of Connie‘s recommendations has helped me manage a condition for which I had many years of unsuccessful treatment. Thank you Connie for your ongoing support."

Warmest regards, Janette Parent

“Happy Day 2! Just being part of this group and feeling more accountable has definitely been a huge plus for me right now. I am thankful for this course and group as I am taking back my health again...Day 2 of the course and second day back on track with my morning ritual and I see a huge difference in how I see the day and how I deal with circumstances :) Self-care is important!!"

Paula T.M.

Commandments For Women 50+

I am a unique woman as are all women

My beauty is not defined by my exterior

I have valuable wisdom to share

I nourish my body with whole food ingredients which are powerfully healing

I am an empowered woman and support other women so they are empowered

I inspire others by living my best life

Age does not define my dreams and goals

I speak to myself with love

Healthy Woman = Healthy Planet

It’s Time To Put My Self First!