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October 4, 2023

How much does it cost to have good health? In Canada, we have a public healthcare system funded through tax dollars. Some people in Canada might say it costs nothing to have good health because they can see a general practitioner, be referred to many different specialists and have surgery if needed, all at no cost to the patient.

If I ask the same question to someone who has seen many allopathic doctors and is still left not knowing what is causing their symptoms, they might say the medical system has failed them and they will pay for practitioners who are not covered by the healthcare system.

For some people in Canada, paying for services to improve or maintain health is either foreign or unaffordable and not a consideration. For others, regaining their health is very important to them and they are willing to pay for extended services.

I fall into the last category, I wanted my health back and I believed it was possible.

The services I provide are not able to be claimed as a medical expense when filing an annual tax return. There are some companies that have included Certified Nutritional Practitioners in their group benefit plan, unfortunately, it is not common and the coverage amount can be very limited.

When I worked at RBC Financial Group, one of my clients was a lawyer. I asked him to review a contract I needed to sign. He told me he had a saying, “pay me now or pay me later”. He said it would be far cheaper for him to review the contract and recommend changes before it was finalized than not have him review it and then need his help when things went wrong later. Solving the contract issues would take far more time after the fact and time is money.

I view health in a similar way. Being proactive with health and making lifestyle changes before a health issue becomes more serious, reaps many rewards in the future.

I believe most people take their health for granted and ignore the signs, our body is always giving us signs when it needs support.

When I decided I was going to eventually leave my corporate position to study nutrition, I planned on saving up some extra funds to pay for my tuition and cover my living expenses while I was going to school. I sometimes reflect on that time and think, if I had stayed with my last company, I would be fully retired now with a healthy retirement fund.

There would have been a substantial cost to that decision to stay, the cost would have been my health and that was a gamble I wasn’t willing to take. As each day went by my body was feeling worse, my mood was changing and I was becoming more unhappy and I was not doing my job well at all. I had no choice but to quit, stay home and start to heal my body.

Every dollar I invested in regaining my health was worth it.

I made a big decision and tradeoff, less of a retirement fund for my health. I would much rather have my health because that allows me to do something I love and rebuild my retirement fund. I couldn’t imagine being retired and being in a state of poor health.

Many prospects call me to find out about my services and the most common goal is weight loss. Can I help them lose their weight? Many want to lose it in a short period of time.

Releasing weight is more than a new meal plan, there are many lifestyle changes that need to go along with the meal plan. I also want to understand the person I am working with, what are their habits, what are the situations that might cause them to choose one food over another. Having someone to keep them accountable is important as well as having someone to listen on the very challenging days when things haven’t gone as planned.

Getting to the root cause of excess weight or any health issue takes time, I ask for a 3-month commitment. The next question is “how much will that cost?”

I completely understand when someone says they are unable to afford my services.

I believe in many situations, it is more of a fear of commitment to making changes as opposed to what the actual cost will be. Many want the quick-fix or instant gratification, true long-term health does not work that way.

I’m sure the objection is in part due to me not being able to make certain claims or promises of what they can expect, I understand that, that’s not me. I honestly don’t know how a person’s body will respond and I am not with them 24/7 to see whether they are implementing the lifestyle changes we talk about.

I have had prospects tell me they would rather spend that money on a vacation or treat themselves to something special. Their health is clearly not a top priority then or, it hasn’t gotten to the point where their daily life is affected by lack of health.

It is true, when we give our body the right support, it will do its best to heal itself. There does start to be a point of diminishing return when it comes to regaining health, it all depends on the level of damage that has occurred. I was fortunate, I gave my body the support it needed and fully regained my health, in fact, I feel better now at 62 than I did in my 40s.

I’ve also had prospects tell me they can watch YouTube or search Google for advice. True! There are at least 800 million videos on YouTube, which one is specialized for you and your symptoms? The same with Google, there are trillions of pages, which link to a source is the right one?

Will Google and YouTube follow up with you? Will they listen when you have had a rough day or their advice didn’t work and suggest something else?

No, they won’t, I will, that’s what I studied for. That’s also why you make the investment, so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling and deciphering the content on the World Wide Web.

The longer you wait to start to get your health back on track, the longer it will take to regain it. Now is the perfect time to start. And to paraphrase my lawyer-client, pay now or wait and pay much more later, and who knows what the true cost will be. It could mean living the rest of your days with a reduced quality of life.

You are unique and you deserve to be listened to and treated that way. You are worth the investment in yourself.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my words.

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